Wednesday, November 23, 2005

right wing stronghold: easy money

I am using black and white for my own words in this post:

'll tell you a little secret, what easy money is really good for in fact: stopping lefty elites from feeling irrationally oppressed by the poor (the effects of a depression following healthy / sane economic dicta) and reacting with draconian and genocidal purges.

Earlier this week I posted popular whispers as Kevin MacDonald spells them out
(in admissionary): Forming alliances with exploitative elites is arguably the most reliably recurrent theme observable in Jewish economic behavior over the ages.

The review of 'Stalin's willing executioners' I linked to there is a shortened version I find out* to my joy (was well impressed) this is the original pdf at:

* here:

.. .oh by the way, this 'focal point press' is an Irving site and the link was the last addition to his anti-semitism (di)section before he was held in Austria. It's really quite laughable, yesterday WDR showed well rounded right wingers fighting for small town council seats and visiting a disco filled with what Midas Dekkers (great great dutchman, listen to his weekly columns at 3/4ths into all shows archived at and you will fall in love with Dutch quite naturally) has so aptly called larvae; kids who's parents spoiled them with methods that are widely applied to beefcattle and decried by a few and far between folks branded terrorists for their troubles (of course they do feature perfect idiots who's pyromania is diligently copied by other absolutely workaverse members of the lefty protectorate). nov 11 -- KM accused of you know what

anti-semitism should be defended by good and bad but hypocritical jews alike. goat fucker by everybody who realizes Khomeini has quite a bit of clout throughout formerly most pleasant cultural crossroad and deltalands watered by those most famous rivers.

this traditionalist pinc rightwinger also posts this on the 17th:

'Is my criticism of Jewish attitudes the same as Kevin MacDonald’s?' ----

In response to my criticism of Kevin MacDonald’s anti-Semitic critique of the Jews, three readers told me that they saw a similarity between my analysis of Jewish attitudes in my article, “Why Jews Welcome Moslems,” and MacDonald’s argument. What follows is a selection from those exchanges.

::haven't read it yet::

just before landing here I copied a Fukuyama article published on the 2nd of november and analyzing the type of 'youth' that grew up to cut the flower of dutch culture down in the sort of cowardly way that calls for a lifetime of general public operated torture (pulling numbers and filing past to pelt him with walnuts from 13 paces) if you ask me. I trust this article will have the link:
Analysis of Fukuyama’s article on Islamic radicalism, by Lawrence Auster: “What Fukuyama really means is that radical Islam is spawned by modern alienation, and has nothing to do with the Islamic religion. How comforting, how satisfying. ”

oh by the way2, he's deactivated the comments (coward).

I sailed away with a mighty push, never to return
Sheila Fitzpatrick
The Jewish Century by Yuri Slezkine · Princeton, 438 pp, £18.95
London Review of Books, Volume 27 No. 6, 17 March 2005 (via the a-list where it didn't evoke discussion)

In that admissionary post I mention Mary, she is 'thecutter' is mary operating http:// this item concerns Peretz:

I do not have any idea who this Philips is - he is clearly a wind-up. I'm not. -- I have read Israel Shamir and I have said nothing here that he has not said. Are you aying that Shamir spews hatred'? Is he an extremist? Is that YOUR opinion? --- Let's find out what you think. ---- Do you think that Peretz, who is a Zionist. is going to bring justice to the Palestinians? --- Do you disagree with Shamir's arguments about Jewish power? --- Earlier you write: "I am inclined to agree with "antizionist" and Shaukat. ---- End of story of "trying to be understanding and nice". --- All-out intafada ... throughout all the ME ... everyone supporting al Qaida. ---- Then once the battle is won against Zionism and Washington imperialism; people of actual good-will can sit down and workk out how to cooperate. ----- But first you have to kill as many American/Israeli invaders as possible, so as to get the message through. --- FFS ... talk has PROVED useless." ---------- Do you stand by this? Do you want to 'kill as many Israeli invaders' as possible': Or not? --- antizionist | 11.16.05 - 10:18 pm | #

So. He confesses that he is as antisemitic as Shamir. I don't need to expose anything here. --- Congrats cutter, your racists are trying to destroy each other. ---- Right now, the kill ration is about 20 Iraqis for every American killed, and 4 palestinians for Every Jew killed. But the Americans and Jews are not trying to kill Iraqis and Palestinians. --- Now that the green light has been given by your antisemitic friend, the kill ratio will go to about 1000 to one, don't you think? ---- In an all out war where the goal was reduction of bodies, as your antisemite wants, how long do you think it would take for the palestinian population to shrink to 1/2 a million and the Iraqi population shrink to 5 million? It would probably mean the death of 5,000 Jews and 20,000 Americans.
Ibraham Av | Homepage | 11.17.05 - 2:42 am | #

"But the Americans and Jews are not trying to kill Iraqis and Palestinians." Also sprach Ibraham Av.

Now that I'm back on my chair after having fallen off laughing (the Americans OF COURSE aren't trying to kill Iraqis, they are there with feather dusters. The Jews are shooting cotton floss at Palestinian children on their way to school or while at play, or to men on their way to search for work) - joe, where do you keep the "irony" icon on your keyboard, mine fell off a long time ago - I can say one thing:

To me, both AntiZ and Thomas are frauds and here to bait. Whatever does Shamir have to do with this issue? Nada, I might say. And, that is where all the baiters always go, most of them totally unaware of what his deal is, or who won't cut through the crap to get to the good stuff. (Everybody's got crap, I would dare say, since we are human and imperfect. Even Chomsky has crap, Finkelstein, whoever...) Soon enough there will be a Shamir interview here, (still putting it together) and until then, when he is not mentioned, those who bring him up have an ulterior motive, in my opinion, and the game works that way.

That said, whoever or whatever they might be, I don't have to prove my steel to anyone here. If you don't like what I write or what I publish from others, fine. It's easy enough to make your own site, and then just don't come around, get your own readership, work through your ideas with those who can help you develop them. We will carry on well enough without you. If you feel compelled to criticise me for not being hardline enough, get over the fact that I am what I is, as another great Italian Frank Zappa said. (to those not in the know... Frank introduced all his bandmembers always as, "another great Italian"....).

I myself, and all of the people I respect are not racists. We do not hate Jews (for some of us, it would be almost comical to say we do, it would mean hating ourselves, our families, our spouses, our friends, our neighbours, which is simply impossible.) We wish them all the well in the world, as long as they do not act like Zionists. If they do, we try to change them, influence them to remove this sick and racist ideology from their beings. It can be done. It is done all the time, once people are informed as to what Zionism is all about, all the dressing stripped off and it's ugly inside on display. Yeah, it's done all the time, and that is what we are here for. (smile icon, joe!)
thecutter | Homepage | 11.17.05 - 1:44 pm | # a longish review of Slezkine's book (posted in compostartist about it, repeating the admissionary post days earlier with the MacDonald link to a review of 'Stalin's willing executioners'

You say:
“I pointed out the irony of Jews pushing group guilt onto people of European descent for the German holocaust while they deny the role of Jews in the much greater Soviet holocaust against White Russia”

You have yet to make the case that the Jews are “pushing group guilt onto people of European descent”. I am a Ukrainian Jew, my people have lived in Europe for at least a 1000 years and I consider myself to be of European descent (though originally my people came from the Middle East). I surely don’t blame myself for the Holocaust, nor do I blame anyone who is not a part of the Nazi regime. I am not sure what makes you think that Jews are blaming anyone other than the people responsible, but you sure seem to be bent on pushing “group guilt” on the Jews as a collective. Also, I am not sure what makes you think that what happened in the Soviet Union was much greater than the Holocaust. I have heard ridiculous numbers ranging from 50 to 120 million who died during Stalin’s reign. That would have been an imposible feat for the bolshevics to accomplish in a country comprised of only 180 million people. The realistic number I have heard is 3 million, based on a census figures.

--- these idiots are unshamedly peddling their joogle bomb ideas but revisionists must all be put away. Petulant impudence can be put up with but when impunity becomes as biased as this a revolution is once again upon us. 3 minute flash thingy starts playing automatically, Newport Massachusets scenery and cathedral shots
(after 7 minutes or so, just before the end of the picture show .. .whoops, it was only a break before starting again .. .. we see a treebark shelter, a squaw in deerskin clothes and some early pilgrim architecture) but no organ music though they have a Beckerath .. .a wait, here's a few fragments:; found here: via via via via vho (who's operator Verbeke (belgian) was arrested in Holland and charged with holocaust denial; there's been a spate of such action as I mentioned before). the arab world in pictures
(also via kelebekler). It's a seriously biased collection; of course some more natural angularity in arab architecture isn't enough to make me forget you couldn't not fake true beauty if you wanted cause there is so little greenery left in those parts of the world thanks to patriarchalized (=fucked up) demographics. And this guy, no matter how keen his eye for aesthetics of peaceful appearance ain't fooling me, not even if he calls 5 out of 11 past exhibitions 'in the shade of the tree'. Permaculture is not a big this in the arab world and zionism has failed bitterly too.

And that's where I part ways with all those trying to differentiate between jews and arabs and/or good and bad jews.

The cultural baggage is too strong and similar to stop such difference making from being meaningful; they remain arti- and superficial.

Races, like genders and classes are a graduated spectrum and radical choices are for the young and exceptional to pull through, for most they are shortlived experiences before falling back into better known and trusted even if that's more biased.

At mary's peacepalestine I read a comment about jewish subservience to arabs in the olden days when their survival strategy got too highly specialized in intellectual for their own
(and the whole world's as it turns out) good.

They may well have related across such masculine feminine axes divides and poles, very well shown up for what they are in Finnegans Wake with main protagonists' protean splits and splinters ranging across recorded history.

I say dump all holy books and start over calling the sprinkling of dust a sacred act

(stunningly beautiful by the way, suspiciously so, in fact, I wonder if she is bioziobait) has her court gesters finely polarized too: contrazionist --- pro-zionist

The cruel paradox of history: the latest migrantwave to settle shack shettle and set up in northern Europe are of arab extraction
(which is to say insipidly patriarchal -- favoring males as a compensation for the cheapness of their lives which they must be ready to sacrifice in service of the greater family ((that though, never reaches far beyond their clan (((impressive horse back riding and waving well polished steel in such a way that it shot reflected rays into the awed pawns who had to be well enough impressed to start coughing up the amounts designated as their tax bracket))) before jumping out of life and into holy scripture abstraction)) and leaving burdens and bias to weigh upon the females), the effects are similar to earlier semitic invasions though this time violence follows in their train on a more individual basis.
My point is that despite the way way way more massive influx of ‘jews’ to the middle east, their position and problems are comparableto those of turks, berbers and other maroccans as far as alienation
(multifarious and many facetted awkwardness regarding the natives) is concerned. Yet these immigrants granted full benefit and legitimacy by a left, trying just as stupidly as their nemesis tries reject them, to embrace all those in need, are in solidarity with the more indigenous party in this dispute. Paradox upon paradox, they thus lend more weight to the automated, unreflected and material conditions such as race and gender over those of merely conditional, situational and environmental such as culture and class, not the bias of their protectors but the long, due to the world wars (and even more to the forgetting of the latter stages of leftyhood namely elitism) tabooed right.
One usefully idiotic function the current conception of ‘anti-semitism’ serves is to disqualify arabs from a liberal
(or other flavor) application of it and thus have something in common with Jews. Islamophobia may well be a word invented by Jews who hate having anything in common, avoid all cause and call for solidarity with Arabs. 95 years old