Thursday, November 17, 2005

unethnicity and ethnicountry confoundment

continued from the admissionary post (a few hours ago) called: various-fragments-on-ethnicountry-and unethnicity personal account of interaction with Israel Shamir by an italian lady, not mary from peacepalestine though she posts here too, this for instance:
A site with a summary of a few of the major English language Pro-Palestinian blogs and links to their key articles. ---- Reply to Ran Greenstein by Jeff Blankfort .. on the game theory economics Nobel winners (who were heavily implicated in the continuation of the Vietnam war. Jamil I. Toubbeh Ph.D. posts on Ward Churchill,

Despite the obvious formal constraints on this list and the predominantly pro-zionist crowd I like this list for it's mix and eye(s) for relevance (just don't let the haughty dismissals bother you).

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