Saturday, August 06, 2005

Tourist or terrorist? I say a Wammes Waggel type journalist.

watch this footage of a native Phallushahn refugee from the Saddam regime, Wesam al D (in jail as we speak, awaiting extradition HELP STOP THAT IF YOU CAN) who integrated well in Dutch society (all the superficial trappings tricks mastered including ass wiggle at national tv gameshow, now, that's cum lauda!). He had the pick of his nieces via video for years on end and the time came he actually went back to marry his choice, right thereafter he goes and sees how well he can reintegrate with her contemporary and conlocationists to really prove his manhood the arab way, I wrote a little something on that earlier this week but forgot on which of my blogs (oops) but who cares, nobody seems to succeed much at reading me any of if not all the time/way.

He has flair for spellbinding footage via handheld and as he crosses destroyed country he freely curses the Amis and within no time gets a chance to prove his mettle but gets beaten and blows a retreat after lessons in remote whatshahmakillit.

America wants Holland to give him to . . .eh .. . it (suffice it to say that the folks who started this war stem from or adhere to the culture that 'values' scapegoatism very highly - out of control demography and or lack of pleachtec will do that everytime).

I say let him roll more film and show us what it's like. He may have spoken and even meant the radical lingo but that helps him help us to an inside view; unlike the unfortunate fella in the Guardian today who wrote his last long blog entry before being kidnapped and murdered; not very smart to be too openly critical right in the middle of Basra I would think (absolutists want impeccable, not equal treatment, scolding the english take on things is not enough to get in their good books). LONG LIVE THE BORDER DIFFUSING AND DIFFUSE BORDER CROSSING DOUBLE AGENT. HELL, HE WENT AND SOLD A DUTCH CAR IN BAGHDAD AND MUST BE RICH ENOUGH TO SEND AN INVINCIBLE ARMY AGAINST THE 'AMEREEKY' NOW, COME ON YOU IDIOT DUTCHMEN, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO PROVE YOUR LOYALTY, DEPORT HIM; HAVE PITY ON THE AMERICAN JUSTICE DEPARTMENT LIVING IN FEAR OF THE LIKES OF THIS HAPPY GO LUCKY BLUNDERER.

Or come to your senses and give him a few free cameras and a crew, you have my plurimorhist publisharian vote on that route.

ps: study up on who wammes waggel was (a foolish goose in versatile pursuit of fun), I dare you, his father just died earlier this week at the age of 93, one of the best authors holland ever bore I kid you not.

Of course in as much as Wesam al D is nothing but a luxuries addicted corrupted and westernized arab we can conclude that

a: he has already reached the peak of his journalistic career and

b: he deserves to be disciplined.

Anyway the impression I came away with was: America has succeeded in paralyzing Iraq and oilbarons are still destroying civilization at a frightening rate. Fancy finding your selves in the midst of feudal days for fun and fallujah.

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