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Permaculture images (rather poor material compared to what's needed) March 7, 2006 crossposts:
Transforming Concrete Jungles into Urban Orchards and offers fruittree tours 548 picccies found --- I see a need, have an urge (and even see a way within this lifetime) but for many others who have watched or heard that shameful parliamentarian spectacle of sterility and held breath stopped motion ‘pat stelling’ (deadlock) last night I fear it will be a long way yet. photos (most seem to be about a permaculture course, at least up to page 12 (which has a bunch of them marker scribbled classkeywordsheets) backpacks about to cool spots, covers architecture (toronto area farms and others, mudbrick at rainbowvalley farm matakana) as much as book covers; over a 1000 pics; made it halfway throught them without getting bored, saving rest for laydur. 80 pics of vietnamese permaculture the couple that was eaten by bears bambam who held a sign up in the early 90s Rolling Stone article on rainbow gatherings in carry on with this next time
blopsgot Lenny refuses to be ‘enemies’ but reserves the right to say ‘sleazebag’ if he feels like it (nobody can draw the same line twice). Signatures are good to sprinkle on shit.
Do trends in savings and borrowings reflect thickening and thinning of soil?

Some related material:[csuccess]=true
Listening, I find the desert wind machine more telling and an even better warning than the claptrap of our feistily verbalizing adulatresses. May I remind you some inside and many more outside this type of idolization opposing camps (with each their own chimpchamp to be idolaat and fill books about, build thrones and tombs for) remember Muhammed differently. Besides or instead of the great galactic insight he may well have had too or not, many Hindu for instance, see him as an ordinary, vindictive thug and warlord, scheming after power and who left a book that was not less but more than the bible dripping with bloodshed. The only comfort being that it was to be the conclusion. Well, let’s put that to the test then. Fucking destroy all Bibles, all Qurans and the shit they are a failed reaction against and see if peace won’t appear and deserts turn green. End strenuous thought excercise.

::::::::half as long: Listening, I find the desert wind machine more telling than the claptrap of our feistily verbalizing adulatresses. May I remind you many remember Muhammed as an ordinary, vindictive thug and warlord after power and who left a book that was not less but more than the bible dripping with bloodshed. The only comfort being that it was to be the conclusion. Well, let’s put that to the test then. Fucking destroy all Bibles, all Qurans and see if peace won’t appear.
Available in PDF: (198k) Translation(s): français español
Fowl play: The poultry industry's central role in the bird flu crisis
GRAIN February 2006

Why is Laos an exception?
The principal reason why Laos has not suffered widespread bird flu outbreaks like its neighbours is that there is almost no contact between its small-scale poultry farms, which produce nearly all of the domestic poultry supply, and its commercial operations, which are integrated with foreign poultry companies. According to the US Department of Agriculture:
The poultry industry in Laos is predominantly one of smallholders, raising free-range, local chicken breeds nearby their dwellings for meat and eggs, mostly consumed by the household or sold locally for income … An average village has around 350 chickens, ducks, turkeys and quail being raised in small flocks interspersed among village homes by about 78 families, with women primarily responsible for the flocks. Ducks, turkey, and quail are also raised, with negligible amounts of geese found scattered around the country. The few commercial operations (less than 100 total, with 89 of these located near Vientiane) in the country supply nearby metropolitan areas … Biosecurity and technology utilization are minimal, with little available veterinary care from either private or government sources. [24]
many informative with telling titles like 'patents and pandemics'

Lowlands permaculture: nice picture

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no thing standardizes like a stupidity

Quoting Jose Arguelles (who thinks he is a reincarnated Maya king) from his latest book (Chronicles):
“Without the lubrication of the knowledge of the suffering of all beings there could not be the universal solvent that makes the whole order of Cosmic History. The whole order is dependent on there being a lake of dissolution of all beings through suffering and creating a universal solvent with the template of cosmic history.”
“The 5th dimension no longer has reincarnation (biogenic migration).”
Then he comes up with the ‘finite amount of biomass’ bullshit again:
Rebirth of spirit essence ‘co-occurs with death, raccoon dies here, another born there.
No mention of transmigration until the next alinea, just an abrupt closing remark on extinction.
“Dissolution of the cloud covering of the materialist belief system is the purpose of Cosmic History – only then can the clear mental field of the human shine through as the planetary mental field.”
And this is the inhouse strategist/shaman leader/divine messenger of the rainbow family (to whom he appeals and amongst which he moves)? He wants to use clouds in a metaphor only to ‘transform, transmute and dissolve’ them with his noospheric armament? That has to be the most offensive distraction from permaculture principles (sun and rain as equals and equally necessary) I can imagine, given that the implementation of them is his repeatedly stated goal (when he is not too busy with his mind over matter sleighs of hand that is). In a work about the Quran, no longer online, he says every presentation has to include the gist of it but he has backed down from that promise to himself pretty obviously too. Speaking of which, here’s his definition of terror = “most alien subconstruct of materialist domination, an idealized rejection embracing practice.”---------------------------------------------------------------
I have hundreds of K worth of similar argumentation (not online at the mo) similar to the following:The more highfaluting the consequence determinations and divinatory ausgekluegeltheit of yea or nay done decisions ‘grow’, the more such lead ups/ins can set up as permanent let downs and distractions. Why feed monsters? Why not start (the soildeepening soary up((grade))story) the rightway round?
Pause and take a moment to direct your attention to the bottom of the mobility/organization spectrum, rather than carry on displacing these with one tall order of farflung and dizzying faultline frequency and fractality fetishization of lots and lots of little fundamental factor formulas and cerebral acrobatics after another.
A decision to do dust spells rock unravelment and into-life-giving (via compost heap and all as yet ((hurry, offer lasts only while supplies last)) photosynthesis active locales) begun as humble as that (most primary of priming acts) has best chances to reach great heights while retaining some consistency, remaining in touch and maintaining good relations with their more and more unsuprisingly most effective causation as the ladders of life lenghten, dance, twist, spin, mix, mingle, and whirl along growth’s manifacetted pathways and flowforms.
To reiterate: largest most lasting common and common denominator and only with good conscience actionable cause (celebre) is tickling rock out of its 3rd dimension to ad-/emit into 4th. Help it from being stuck up, in reserve version of time to become less ponderously shut off from and aloof about it. Turn the tables and devalue the whole devilishly suffocating symbolic system complex.

William Irwin Thomson post over at Here's a teaser to help you over there:

Throughout this study of literature and the evolution of consciousness, I have used the metaphor of the catastrophe of bifurcation and said that humanity is experiencing a catastrophe bifurcation in the emergence of the new global civilization. “Catastrophe” is a word that English has taken from Greek; it means, “to turn over.” When we turn over material in a compost heap, we create a catastrophe for the anaerobic bacteria in the rotting garbage as we suddenly flood them with oxygen and sunlight. The chaos dynamists say that there are three kinds of catastrophes: subtle, explosive, and “out of the blue.” The mathematicians’ use of these poetic metaphors makes me feel as if it is quite all right for me to return the favor and use their idea of a catastrophe bifurcation as a poetic metaphor for a cultural transformation of history. Since I have been arguing all along that literature and mathematics have been inseparably linked throughout history in the arithmetic, geometric, dynamical, and now chaos dynamic mentalities, this collaboration between metaphor and math is quite appropriate. Since I am a cultural historian and not a prophet, I have no idea whether this catastrophe will be subtle, explosive or out of the blue. I tend to think that our process of global cultural transformation is so complex a dynamic that it will be all three at once. The economic shift is subtle, the cultural shift is explosive, and the spiritual one is out of the blue.
"The main enemy of Zionism is truth."

Ehh, I know what you mean . .but eh .. .truth is nobody's zionist you enemy! Not even your animus can make zionism make truth into an enemy and luckily nothing can.

Tell you what, X, Rowan and all the others who insist there is this o so great difference between strains of semitisand suckers. It is easy being Islam's greatest friend if you don't live anywhere close to a large enough concentration of their spawn (spoiled rotten. I am not talking about the severely oppressed or the supposed solidarity of the former with the latter either). I order you to take your next holiday in the ban-lieu or where Muhammed Bouyeri grew up maybe .. .but your letterfiltered life imperative/handicap won't let you I am sure.

Don't you try to describe how the holier than thou any gender, class or race sporting speciment deems/thinks 'it'self, the worse they act and the more stupendously bad they will and declare a desire to perform? And that zionism sprouts, trains and brings the strongest team to the pokertable everytime?

Aren't human vices magnets for satire, cartoons etcetera?

The hypocrisy lies in cartoons thrown after bombs, not in the fact the cartoons aren't truthful, specially if they make exactly that clear on 1 go instead of having some focus to the exclusion of, but was/is that the complaint. No!!!! The prophet and his taskmaster are to be feared not to be made fun of.

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finally get to pick over my google alerts

The Rape of Palestine
CounterPunch - Petrolia,CA,USA
By WILLIAM A. COOK. "The Lord hath accomplished his fury; he hath poured out his fierce anger, and hath kindled a fire in Zion, and ...

Images of Real Eco-Terrorism in Twaneh
CounterPunch - Petrolia,CA,USA
By NEVE GORDON. Anat Rosenwaks and I just came back from Twaneh where 120 olive trees, which belong to the Amor family (planted in ...

just a minute ago I posted some comments from Mary's blog at another one of mine

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currency research group snippets gets people out of debt on the grounds that the money lent to them is fake ?????????????

A comment, a quote and some more comment:

4665 From: "William B. Ryan" Date: Wed Dec 7, 2005 5:41pm
Subject: Re: How to get free money to start a CC community and start printing bills
w_b_ryanOffline OfflineSend Email Send Email

So, ijccr becomes the conveying point for financialscams.

I can assure you that federal jail cells await thepurveyors of such scams that prey on the vulnerableand gullible. Bank fraud is after all a federal crime in the United States, and is an extraditable offense in most jurisdictions throughout the world, including Canada and Italy. It also falls under the RICOstatutes for organized criminal conspiracy, alsoextraditable.
This is what in the law is termed a materially false statement:
"The awards for damages that The Group arranges forit's clients are appropriate, due to the fact thatdebt lenders have NOTHING at risk when they make a'loan', due to their NON-DISCLOSED practice ofcreating 'credit money' out of NOTHING, 'lending' itout, and collecting principal and interest paymentsfrom customers on the resulting fraudulent contract."
It's one thing to spew such rank nonsense on discussion lists like this, which, in the sprit offree speech, is a forum for the venting of cranks. Itis quite another to use sophisticated multi-levelmarketing schemes to promote such crap to fleece thepublic.
In the fractional reserve system, each and every lender is individually at risk for its reserve deposit balances in other financial institutions that are required to clear transactions between institutions.

Bad loans represent debits to their individualclearing balances, which they recover only by costingthem into the "price" paid by their customers forfinancial services who do not default.
It is this clearing function that makes bank depositsfungible, acceptable by every seller of goods andservices in the economy.
And without it, the modern economy could not function.

Hi all
I'm afraid that I have to admot to agreeing with wbr here.
He asks
> So, ijccr becomes the conveying point for financial> scams.
in relation to the topic.
I would also try to paraphrase what I think mr grumpy bum was trying to express, to wit
According to Douglas, interest exists and servres several purposes. The factthat it redisributes wealth from the poor to the wealthy can be ameliorated by redistributing that money in a more socially just manner.
Maybe I get that wrong. Anyway, the core business of this list is to discuss alternatives to the current money paradigm, not just about reforming it. Trying to discredit, or corrupt such a goal is unhelpful.
cheers Graeme Taylor
Returning the money to the people

From: Levi Philos Date: Sun Dec 11, 2005 3:27 pm
Subject: Rothbard Critique of White's book on Free Banking in Britain
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I just up loaded a rtf format file that is Rothbard's critique of
White's book on free banking in Britain.
The original was a pdf file of scanned images from the original thatappeared as a book review in The Review of Austrian Economics.
I found the link on a Rothbard link page:
The new file may be found in the files area of the IJCCR forum group:
I consider this to be a revealing and important critique because I
find it correct. I have read both Hayek's book DENATIONALIZATION OFMONEY and George Selgin's 1988 book on free banking. My recent workon the behalf of Mr. Thomas Greco and the website involves re-creating a book from 1872 that is about banking in Scotland from 1800 to 1865 +/- a bit. FactsI have learned from this effort refute some of what both Hayek andSelgin say.
There is one error in Rothbard's critique. (I have one advantage overRothbard in that I am in possession of scanned images of an 1872 book onScottish banking that Rothbard did not have.) Rothbard says on thesecond page of the rtf file that "specie reserves held by the Scottishbanks had averaged from 10 to 20 percent in the second half of theeighteenth century, but then had dropped sharply to a range of less than1 to 3 percent in the first half of the nineteenth." The book that Ihave from 1872 shows differently. Reserves varied from bank to bank(they were functioning in an independent manner) and without checking myfiles but rather from my faulty memory I believe the actual reservesvaried from a high of nearly 60% to a low of roughly 10-20%. That is tosay, Rothbard, who is quoting White only for this figure should probablyhave checked his other sources.
The point I am trying to make here, is there HAS NEVER BEEN 100%RESERVES.
This revealing FACTUAL INFORMATION has led me to a different conclusion.Do your own search for "real bills doctrine" and perhaps you will agreewith my conclusion. My conclusion is that neither gold nor silveractually ever set the price for all commodities, finished goods, andlabor based services. Greco has been saying for some time that what buysthe products of human endeavor are other products of human effort andthe clearance function where banks settle differences between contractsis a very important function to understand.
What I have been trying to prove lately is the actual function ofthe deposits of specie - IS TO ACT AS A PERFORMANCE BOND.
In footnote #18 Rothbard quotes Mises in HUMAN ACTION page 443: "What isneeded to prevent any further credit expansion is to place the bankingbusiness under the general rules of commercial and civil laws compellingevery individual and firm to fulfill all obligations in full compliancewith the terms of the contract."
Now, Mises was presuming that all contracts would be written in termsreflecting the price of gold. Many people on these lists already know we (in the western world) are already functioning under commercial laws where establishment of who is the debtor and who is the creditor is the first question and there is no final settlement of contractavailable in specie of any type.
However, if my thesis about performance bonds is correct, then thiscan be a useful tool for anyone wishing to work with alternative money system models. Recognition of the performance bond role meansthat a variety of things can function as performance bonds just aslong as they have a wide market and easy liquidity. It opens the doorto models where the unit of exchange is time and deposits of valuablesare referenced that can beliquidated if contracts are dishonored.
Your feedback is welcome, but I would appreciate it if you would carbon copy your response to me personally with "Rothbard" in the subject line.
Levi Philos

sound like genuine folks

The Virtual & Global Social Democratic Party - Worldwide Political Exchange
Rolf Oberhaensli, Lucerne, Switzerland

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"Beria--My Father: Inside Stalin's Kremlin" reviewed by TNR

Truth and Consequences
by Stephen Kotkin

Post date 03.22.03 | Issue date 03.31.03

Khrushchev: The Man and His Era
By William Taubman
(W.W. Norton, 876 pp., $35)

Beria--My Father: Inside Stalin's Kremlin
By Sergo Beria
(Viking, 305 pp., $25.95)

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Alexandr Dugin quotes Jacov Bromberg, Mikail Agursky in "the jews and eurasia"

keep in mind that the colour coding I added to the text is mirrored (reversed in present day American conditions: coastal states are predominantly liberal and assigned and/or have adopted the colour blue, landlocked religious and rightish ones the colour red.

- After the Bolshevik revolution the "Jewish Occidentalism" as a whole backed the "white" side, and despite its racial affinity to the Bolshevik leaders, it did not recognize itself in the universalist and mystic-oriented "Jewish Orientalists". Just as the Russians were divided during the revolution between "white" and "red", — also on the basis of deep-rooted archetypal features (but this requires a separate discussion), — Hebraism too was broken in a political sense, along a deep-rooted line much earlier outlined, in two inter-Jewish camps — Hassidic-Kabbalists (Bolsheviks), on the one side, and Talmudist-rationalists (illuminist, bourgeois-capitalist) — on the other. So, the typology of Bromberg-Agursky based on historical examples reconfirms that conclusion to which we came following a purely logical path: Hebraism, though representing an ethno-religious unity (which is not so obvious yet!), is nevertheless essentially divided in two camps, two "orders", two "communities", two types, which in definite critical situations show not only difference, but also fundamental hostility. Each of these poles has both religious and secular expressions, remaining essentially uniform. "Jewish Orientalism", "Jewish Eurasism" (according to Bromberg) or "Jewish National-Bolshevism" (according to Agursky) comprises in itself a religious level — Hassidism, Sabbatianism, Kabbalah — and a secular level — Marxism, revolutionary socialism, Populism, Bolshevism. "Jewish Occidentalism" also is dual ; in it the religious plan coincides with Maimonidean rationalistic Talmudism (later shown in the Gaons [great sages] of Vilnius, the "Mitnagedim" centres, the anti-Hassidic circles), and the secular version is expressed in liberal-democratic, "enlightened" humanism.

4. Two examples

The fundamental duality we discovered instantly explains a set of factors which remained unclear and paradoxical according to different interpretation methodologies. In particular, a logical explanation is found for the mysterious phenomenon of the so-called "Jewish anti-Semitism". So, Marx’s criticism of Lassalle, in which Marx used extremely Judeophobic expression, and also the considerably anti-Jewish passages in Marx as a whole, identifying Judaism with capitalism, become completely clear, as the Jew Marx from every point of view unambiguously belongs to the mystic-Hassidic, Messianic type, which traditionally sees in bourgeoisie and capitalism — where the relevant role both in philosophical and in common sense is played by the Jews — the main enemy.

In his paper "On the Jewish Question" Marx wrote : "What are secular bases of Hebraism? Material needs, self-interest. What is the earthly ideal of the Jew? Selling. Who is his earthly god? Money.. .. Money – here is the zealous deity of Israel. The empirical essence of Hebraism is trade". Let's notice this underlining of the terms "secular", "empirical". Marx as though hints at two sides. One of them is the material, immanent side, which he, without much ceremonies, labels and throws away as the incarnation of negativeness (let us remind of that truly demonic, anti-Christian role, which Marx attributed to Capital). The second side — not secular, not empirical, transcendental. This represents, according to our reconstruction, the Communist-oriented Jewish mysticism.

Another example. In its times, a group of Kabbalists-Zoharites (Kabbalists admirers of the book "Zohar"), followers of the mystic-Kabbalist Jacob Frank, collectively converted to Christianity, contemporarily "exposing" the odious rites of the Talmudists (Rabbinites), primordial enemies. The Jewish historian G.L.Shtrak in the book "Blood in Beliefs and Superstitions of Mankind" so describes the conflict between the followers of Frank and the Talmudists : "In 1759 they (Frankists — A.D.) have pronounced to the archbishop Bratislav Lyubensky, that they craved for baptisms, as a deer for a source of water, and tendered to demonstrate, "that the Talmudists spill more innocent Christian blood than the pagans, crave for it and use it". At the same time, they asked him to designate for them a dwelling places east of Lemberg, so that they could live there by the work of hands, while "Talmudists-shinkari cultivate drunkenness, drink the blood of the poor Christians and squeeze them up to last dime. (...) Soon after the dispute, under the insistence of the Polish clergy, they accepted baptism for about a thousand Zoharites". In these two examples we see the unity of spiritual opposition at various levels. The atheist Marx identifies Capital with the figure of the "Jew", and on this basis accurses also the Jews and their "empirical deity". Mysticist "Frankists" accurse the Talmudists on a completely different basis, reproaching them — according to the level of the whole polemic — to "drink the blood of the Christians". It is striking, how in the Zoharites the social motives emerges: "Rabbinites squeeze the Christians up to last dime", and Zoharites are going to "to live by the works of hands". The spiritual conflict of mystics-mythologists, Gnostics, zealots and spiritualists against religious moralists, supporters of pure rite, cult formalists, as though uncounsciously and naturally is shifted to the opposition of socialists and capitalists, Bolsheviks and liberal-democrats. In Bromberg’s terminology, it is already not difficult at all to identify Marx and zoharites with "Jewish orientalism", and capitalists and Rabbinites with the "occidentalists." Everything converges.

5. Jews against Jews

Now we shall project the outlined scheme on the Soviet history and discover there the role of the Jews. As a whole, Hebraism on the eve of the revolution was united in its opposition to the existing regime. It concerned both sectors. The Jews-Orientalists were opposed to capitalism and religious conservatism, alienation and formalism in the sphere of culture, craved for a revolutionary change and the opening of the magic aeon of Messianic kingdom. The Jews-Occidentalists did not accept Czarism for completely different reasons, including its backward, insufficiently capitalist, civilized and humanist regime, subject to perfectioning up to the level of the Western civilization. All Hebraism as a whole was solidary in the necessity of overthrowing the dynasty and of the revolution. In it they found allies both among the nationalist Russian periphery, dreaming about shattering the "prison of the peoples", and among the "left-wing nationalists" from the same Russian environment, perceiving the Romanov-Petersburg regime as an anti--national, anti-patriotic, anti-spiritual parody of the genuine Sacred Rus'. Besides, enough Occidentalists were also among the Russian nobility and Russian merchantry actively busy with contemporary Russian capitalism, spoiling the last "cherry orchards" of a quickly degenerating aristocracy. The united action of all these forces, once a favourable situation was present, accomplished the February revolution. But immediately after it the unsolved contradictions within the winning camp emerged. After the overthrowal of the imperial regime, with a second line of fracture (this time internal) appeared very clearly, and this predetermined all the following events. After the February revolution on the foreground there was an opposition of revolutionary and evolutionary forces, left Orientalists and left Occidentalists, Eurasists and Europeists. This fundamental dualism of kinds was very clearly evident also in the Jewish environment itself. The Bolshevik pole had gathered in itself the representatives of "Jewish orientalism", the Hassidic-Kabbalist kind, Jews-communists, Jews-socialists — those, which at the end of the XVIII century wanted "to live by the works of arm". This labour, eschatologist, universalist, mostly Russophile Hebraism solidarized with the National-Bolshevik Russian current of "left imperialists", seeing in the October revolution not the end of the national dream, but its beginning, a new red dawn, the second coming of the Soviet Rus', of the secret Kitezh of the staroobryadetsi, lost in the dark bicentenary of St.Petersburg’s synodal unsacred parody. Bolshevism had gradually absorbed in itself not only the Marxist-Orthodox, but a large number of SR, specially left-wing SR, which could be defined as the Russian analogues of the National-Revolutionaries. In a word, the Jewish organizing into the Bolshevik ranks represent the logical and triumphal conclusion of the historical path for the enormous organic Jewish sector, the roots of which lay in the distant religious disputes of a gray Middle Age. As the enemies of this eschatological community of "Jews-Orientalists" stood all the capitalists of the world, and specially the Jewish bourgeois, secular, empirical (on Marx’s expression) incarnation of the the ancient Rabbinites. From here also the paradoxical Bolshevist "anti-Semitism", not alien also to many Jews-Communists. Agursky refers in his work a most interesting case, when the Jew Vladimir Tan-Bogoraz intercedes for a Russian Bolshevik who has afforded a rough anti-Semitic tirade, not only intercedes, but fully justifies him. How this resembles the quoted story of Zoharites! By the way, we find something similar also in other spheres. So, for example, the famous founder of the Bavarian lodge "Thule", preparing the birth of the National-Socialist Workers Party of Germany, Baron von Sebottendorf, in his time was initiated to the "Egyptian Masonry" in Turkey by a married couple of Jews-Sabbatians and from them received the bases of esoteric science. But thus he himself differed from manifest anti-Semitism (not to mention the about ordinary Nazis). A Jewish (specially Sabbatian) trace can be found also in a number of other strongly nationalist, sometimes,openly racist or anti-Semitic organizations — both European (Masonic), and Eastern (Young Turks). On the other hand, anti-Semitism could be directed also to the opposite side, and and in this case its bearers could quite be either Jews or politicians controlled by them. So, for example, are widely known the anti-Semitic expressions of Churchill, who, referring to the Jewish origin of the majority of the Bolshevist leaders, spoke about "the Jewish menace, threatening civilization from the East". Thus Lord Churchill in his political career leaned on the right-wing Zionist circles of Great Britain and the US, as Douglas Reed convincingly shows. Hence, just as there exists "right" and "left" Hebraism, so there is a "right" and "left-wing" anti-Semitism. Thus also in this question we come to a more complex pattern. From February to October: there passes the watershed between the two halves of the Jewish world, and since a definite moment this opposition acquires its most severe forms. In extreme cases the representatives of both camps resort in their polemic to argumentations almost not dissimilar from the rough vulgar speech of the anti-Semites. But this is not all. At the climax of confrontation, the collision acquires the nature of war of physical destruction, as we see in the history of Stalin purges among the ranks of the Soviet government.

6. To live by the work of hands

There is no doubt that the Jews differ by their unique ability in some social, economic and cultural areas. Centuries of diaspora have taught a lot to a small but resistant, persistent people wishing not to miss their ancient dream, their millennial religion, their remote promise. Looking at everything around as something temporary, distant, transitory, the Jews have worked out a number of striking dynamical features allowing them to be instantly guided into social dynamics, in the rapidly ongoing processes of a state and national scale, flowing into the environment of the "big peoples", which, "being always at home", understood everything with a definite lag, with slow, a-posteriori reflection. But these skills could be differently used in the different situations. So, the Jews-Bolsheviks have gathered all efforts, all national talents, all spiritual powers to the creation of the most powerful Soviet state, the empire of social justice, the Eurasist bastion of overland geopolitics. And the manifold elements of the Jewish diaspora in Europe, America, Asia, coming from the same religious-spiritual, mystical, spiritually "Orientalist", "Eurasist" environments, were for long decades a structural support for the Soviets, the geopolitical agents of the Great Eurasia, the guides of Bolshevist Messianism. It was just them who basically formed the Third International, later Comintern, the powerful Eurasian network, the subtle agency of Moscow in every corner of the planet. But again, we shall stress that we are not simply talking about the Jews, but about a special category of Jews, about a special Jewish camp, about the "Jews-Eurasists". By the way, at a definite stage they, these "red-brown" Jews-Eurasists also have prepared the creation of the state of Israel, having started under the direction (and the approval) of Moscow a hard fight with the English-Atlantists, with the forces of capital and liberal democracy. They formted the axis of the Israeli left-wing forces, a fruit of whose efforts were the famous kibbutz.

Again, the same Zoharite "to live by works of hands."

The apologists of Hebraism as such, exhibiting all Jews as extremely innocent victims, can find no way to explain why, in times of severe repression as the Leninist and Stalinist purges, Jews were not only the victims, but also the jailers ; and not only individually, as single persons, but just as a group, a party, a faction. This circumstance - never explained either in the anti-Semitic, or in the Judeophile framework - can be actually explained, since under the Soviet power the internal fight within Hebraism did not cease : Bolshevik, "Hassidic", "Zoharite" elements well knowing the skills and the snake-like moods of their own co-nationals, their taste for intrigues, chameleonism, conspiracies, mercilessly fought the bourgeois elements of Hebraism, together with the residuals of "Jews-Occidentalists", the heirs of "Rabbinite" spirit, the ideological descendants of the "Mitnagedim." From here also stems the paradox — why at the centre of purges of clear anti-Semitic accent there stood always and everywhere also Jews. A classic example of such position can be found in Lazarus Kaganovich, most loyal follower of Stalin, convinced and staunch National-Bolshevik, whom the Russian Nationalists, completely misunderstanding, have unfairly turned into an emblematic figure of "Jewish conspirator". It would be difficult to invent a greater "anti-Semite" (in its anti-Talmudical sense). How the internal drama Soviet Hebraism evolved in the times of Lenin and Stalin - this was a passionate, heroic, epoch, full of ups and downs, which (we have no doubt) one day will be conveniently and detailedly described.

7. From crisis to collapse

The critical point in the history of Jewish Eurasism is 1948. In this moment Stalin and his entourage come to the conclusion that with a creation of the State of Israel - which right at the beginning had been enthusiastically supported by the Soviet government (as a Hassidic-socialist construction) - proved an instrument of the bourgeois West, as the line of the capitalists – "Mitnagedim" gained supremacy in it. Zionist tendencies began to be awoken also in Soviet Hebraism, and it meant that the initiative was passing to the residuals of the "Occidentalist" sector, whose total eradication was only apparent and whose damage aroused even the vigilant suspicions of the Jews-Eurasists. This moment was fatal — as shown by the last events of the end of our century — for the whole Soviet state, for socialism all over the world. When the anti-Semitic tendency within the Soviet government grew beyond definite limits — especially scandalous was the destruction of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, entirely made of convinced Eurasists and direct agents of Lavrenti Beria (which speaks only to their benefit) — only the most resistant Jew-National-Bolsheviks (the same Kaganovich) could remain unshakable on Russophile, Soviet-imperial positions. As a whole, in the eyes of the Jewish mass the influence of the Eurasists was sufficiently weakened, and their basic geopolitical and ideological line essentially discredited. On the other hand, from the party and military environment the highest power positions began to be restricted to the Great-Russian and Small-Russian [i.e. Ukrainian] elements, far from being able to clearly understand the Messianic path of left-wing Nationalism, Messianic National-Bolshevism, founding the spiritual union of Jewish and Russian Eurasists since the beginning of the century. This new generation felt itself more as étatistes, than apostles of a New Truth, inheriting either the military "Romanovian" spirit of the Czarist caste of war-specialists, not fully eradicated by the Bolsheviks - or the simple Populists, workers-peasants chauvinism with a definite component of unreflective, instinctive anti-Semitism. These army cadres, not knowing the revolution and the supreme spiritual, historical effort that accompany it, did not penetrate into the subtleties of national politics. A singular deafness to this issue was a typical mark of those from Ukraine, who since a definite time — together with Khrushchev — began to occupy more and more tightly the supreme powers in the USSR. And, though immediately after the death of Stalin Beria completely stopped the anti-Semitic "affair of the doctors", the irreparable had occurred. Further there happened the fatal crisis. The Russian-Jewish, Eurasian-continental, international-imperial, Messianic, revolutionary current being the verterbal column of the Soviet Power, was weakened, cracked, deformed at its base. State, authority, economic organisms began to operate inertially. The purges, at whose roots always invariably the fundamental ideological, metapolitical reasons laid hidden, were over, and in their place came the fuzz of clans, the gradual "embourgeoisement" of socialism, its sliding into philistinism, into meanness. Revolutionary eschatological pathos vanished. The Soviet state was left to keep on only inertially. The world base of the eschatological Eurasist revolution had essentially turned into a normal state. Powerful, great, original, but deprived of the heat of its original ecumenical mission. At the level of Hebraism this meant the full defeat of the "Hassidic-Sabbatian" camp and the gradual coming to primary roles of the Jews-rationalists, Kantians, humanists, Mitnagedim, Occidentalists. The secret alliance to National-Bolshevism was terminated, Jewish Orientalism was quickly marginalized. Its influence, its positions catastrophically fell. Gradually the type of the Jew-Bolshevik was pushed to the edge, and within the leadership of the Jewish community in the USSR the representatives of Maimonides, Talmudical brand were put forward. More often in a secular, humanist-liberal version. This bourgeois, right-wing Zionist flank henceforth worked only to the collapse of the Soviet formation, prepared the great collapse of socialism, undermined this giant geopolitical construction from the inside. By the way, in unison with this destructive anti-Eurasian tendency worked also definite anti-Semitic circles within the KGB – this only aggravated the dissolving of that spiritual, cultural and ideological synthesis, which was the mysterious propellant of the original Bolshevism, of National-Bolshevism. Anyway, the collapse of the Soviet State was the direct result of the withdrawal of the Jewish lobby from the creative statalist Bolshevik position and its direct or indirect complicity with the hostile anti-Soviet Atlantist capitalist West.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Black recruit percentage down 41 percent since 2000

Update: here's a quote and rather denunciatory comment:

Yoshie:> The volunteer military in the United States depends on the working-> poor draft. Rather than drafting the poorest of the poor (whose> physical health is too poor, whose education too neglected, whose> criminal record too extensive, whose attitudes too badass, etc.), the> Pentagon preys on the sons and daughters of the working poor (those> whose parents are relatively regularly employed, earn too much [the> household income of $25,000-40,000>] to qualify for most or all forms of means-> tested public assistance and need-based grants [cf. "Department of> Education to Tighten Pell Grant Eligibility," 2004/EDUCATION/12/23/pell.grants/>], etc., and yet too poor not to> worry about paying bills, especially big-ticket items like health> care and children's' college tuitions).

I think this statement perfectly exemplifies what is wrong with the US Left- its fundamentalist religious belief in a myth, and its inability to thinkcritically beyond that myth. If empirical evidence contradicts that myththe effort is taken to neutralize the evidence rather than revise the myth.Just like the countless dupes all over the world who live miserableexistence and wait for Jesus Christ, Allah, or some other mythicalfather-like figure in the sky to deliver them from their misery if they onlysay the right magic word. I was always curious what makes the human mind fall into the trap of suchreality-defying mythology. People are naturally endowed with intellectualability to think rationally and critically, and many of them, such as Yoshieand others on this list, seem to be otherwise intelligent, thoughtful andcritically thinking people, yet they succumb to reality-defying mythologyfrom time to time. The philosopher of science Imre Lakatos observed a similar tendency amongscientists. Contrary to the conventional view of scientific inquiry whichholds that theories hold as long as they are not refuted by evidence,Lakatos proposed that theories are often preserved in the face ofcontradicting evidence, and efforts are made to insulate the theory fromcontradicting evidence. He called it "problemshifting," which involved twostrategies, progressive and regressive. Progressive problmeshifting isdevising some conceptual contraption that explains the contradictingevidence without undermining the core assumptions of the theory to beprotected (e.g. implied non-rational motivation of human actors to explainthe poor predictive power of the rational-choice model). Regressiveproblemshift is reducing the empirical scope of the theory to be protected,usually by recourse to abstract speculation (e.g. mathematical modeling ineconomics, or linguistic contrivances in "post-modern" theory), or byregression to the founding "principles" (e.g. in certain strains ofCatholic thought in Europe that reduces modernity to philosophicaldiscourses of the antiquity and the medieval times, or in certain strains ofMarxism that reduces modernity to the fundamentals of the Marxist canon). With that in mind, the "working poor draft" and other populist leftistdogmas, such as that the poor have no responsibility for their own actions,and that responsibility rests solely with the elites, or that the existinginstitutional order is nothing but a conspiracy of the elite, are examplesof the regressive problemshift by regression to the founding "principles" ormyths in this particular case.While the mechanisms of "problemshifting" seem to be relatively clear tounderstand, the motives behind it are not. Why do people stick to theirbeliefs or delusions in face of contradicting evidence? Possible explanations range from vested interests in maintaining the statusquo to an affective disorder that makes people fearful of change,uncertainty and ambiguity. The latter obviously requires a psychologicalanalysis of the affected individuals on the pain of becoming a merespeculation and imputation of motives. I will thus leave it as apossibility.On the other hand, vested interest in maintaining the status quo seems tooffer some interesting explanations. Market niche for leftist mythologiesis rather narrow, and that may explain why the producers of such mythologieshave high stakes in maintaining the conventional left myths. Changing theconventional story may reduce the appeal of the myth maker to the alreadysmall market, and put him or her out of business altogether if the marketniches for the new genre is not found - which is a big if. So it is saferto stick to the old trite myths than try new ones. Looking at this form a broader perspective, I think I can understand whywhat passes for the US left tends to be (with exceptions, of course) sogoofy and out of touch. Unlike the European left which maintains itsdistinct institutional power and identity - which also secures aconsiderable market for its intellectual product - the US opposition andprotest movements tend to follow a different trajectory - that of theassimilation to the mainstream. That was suggested, inter alia, by WilliamGamson (_Strategy of the social protest_) who studied various socialmovements throughout hundred fifty or so years of the US history, or ThedaSkocpol (e.g. _Protecting Soldiers and Mothers_ and _Social policy in theUnited States_) who argued that the unusual openness and inclusiveness ofthe US political system was a key factor preventing the crystallization oflabor as a political and institutional force. Stated differently, because of the relatively open and poorly delineatednature of the US party system, the protest movements - or at least itsrational elements - tend to be absorbed into the amorphous mainstream ratherthan crystallizing as a major and separate institutional force. What isleft are more uncompromising, wacky, goofy or simply irrational elementsthat resist "being assimilated" and prefer to live marginal politicalexistence on the periphery. This is why what is distinctively labeled as"left" in this country - as opposed to "liberal or social-democraticmainstream" - seems to be so wacky, irrational, and goofy. The fact of thematter is, however, that these are the fringe elements that would remain onthe periphery of any political system, not just the one with a conservativeleaning, such as the US. I can also understand why European-born lefties, such as Hitchens or forthat matter this writer, become so disillusioned with the US left (point ofclarification, unlike Hitchens I do NOT contemplate defecting to theopposing camp.) They seem to mis-apply the European political categories,which have ample room for the left as being aseparate-yet-part-of-the-mainstream force, to the US, where the mainstreamleft is difficult to distinguish from the Democratic Party, and what islabeled left is mainly fringe cults. As a result they treat these fringeleftish cults as if they were mainstream left and become progressivelyannoyed with their fundamentalism and irrationality. I certainly understand why folks like Hitchens got finally fed up with thisunreasonable attachment of what passes for the "left" to reality-defyingmythologies - albeit I am less clear why he de facto joined the rightinstead of simply embracing the left elements of the Democratic Party. Thelatter is what I would rather do.


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ps: here's a sharp crit of the Heritage crowd (see earlier exchanges between Lacny and Henwood for context):

Doug asks:> Why the fuck are you so angry all the time, anyway?

Because I am full of hatred and envy, as all leftists are. I read that in a Heritage Foundation pamphlet, too.