Thursday, September 29, 2005

Organic homesteading in the Arab world

Sorry, something I know next to nothing about, so the following is but as faintly pertinent as brittle theory can be (starts the 9th paragraph/sentence set). Practical comments extra welcome. Northanger blog is most likely called that bycause she likes Jane Austen's book about an abbey called that; she's doing diary like entries these days .. .. of (decency's) destitution.

I go: What is it you smoke? how much?
how much physical excercise do you get/take? As little as me is very very bad and enough to double depressions; step out of that world in your head stuffed with missed chances and mementos from the best of all possible worlds.

As I understand it you are working out some kind of ephemeris for asteroids but I can't figure out why/if, when they are indeed clumped in groups that resonate with different other planets, and wether the shelflife/regularity is making it worth your while, sometime in the future?

Suppose somebody uses your specs to do some calculations, let's say a billionaire who wants to see what colour the cloud of dust will be when firing a nuke at his chosen target from his private rocket (oh the wonders of crapitalism), could you sue them?

If I could get you to trace terrestrial dust revolutions, cycles and momentae, better yet, get some it in gear down on one farm after the other, I'd keep you .. .. even in smokes but I have no hopes you see the urgency the way I do.

I suspect we have the dubious pleasure of sharing a lack of interest in our work

the second comment by the 'owner'/operator of a better than average blog, likens being employed to being served up and eaten alive.

I go: eat and let eat aint it for all; you profess to be the eat or let eat type but merely think you are; a false supposition is never final.

Your calculation speaks of net losses and gains in personal terms but that is oxymoronic cause the term net implies collective; for instance, THE net is by definition a loss wether suffered for good or bad purposes, internet as a symptom of urban blight (terrorism by the way is the dopey attempt to disperse, thin out and counter the dilution of fellowman obstructed straight contact with Allah, terror ((as well intentioned evil means)) tries to bust up mass societies in the same duplicitous way arabs will generally approve of ((even/especially liberal)) bloodflow and certainly prefer it over the flow of semen).

sociality is sacrifice (when correctly trying to lower your standards and aiming at the dusty presentient levels yet getting stuck at that of say, people with birth defects); this is what comes as easy for a female as quick and dirty sex does for lots of males (arabs excepted, who stop short of all that and instead act out femininely. Tragically do they do so in the shallow ways that meddle with and fuck up the female aspects of their environment, ((a consequence of their long but no longer sustainable luxury of not having to dig in like the bleached monkeys further up north had to)), if you allow me to call the restraints that 'help' 'beperk' ((restrict)) themselves to bare essential imbalance shallow. Their mores ((aimed at power through numbers; progeny at all cost)) don't reach nor touch, much less 'catalactivate' the common denominator, for all their professed love and respect for dust ((i-mag link recently)) they don't manage to spread risk, cushion crisis, push back the desert ((hopelessness of which cause is reflected in a projection of heaven with that degree of hot defense (((with course of life shaping concepts))) which runs at the perfect inversely proportionate ratio of it)) through/after pragmatism yielding and penetrant understanding of it's role in life('s)cycles, rather, they seem to have choosen for and/or slid into a state where whichever way accomplishes imposition/domination goes/rules over proving likelyhood of hypothetical afterlifestage existing actually through good example ((the dim reflection of it seen in life closer to nature than nurture to the exclusion of the former believed practicable again and again, witness fabulous Adam, the monastic aspects of the middel ages, the (((communal))) utopian era, etcetera?)) but these differences are minor and mere matters of convention an detail in the strategically shifty face of what one monotheism does in comparison to another, in this case, the forms of violence are industrial strength peripheral ((christianity)) vs hands on low budget internalized ((islam)), jews manage to schizoically combine them and remain moves/way ahead of either descendant; on balance the footprint record of neither of the 'great' religions is that great; they all aim at the wrong size. Spreading small change and big risk at the same time ((Grand parent rock turned to grey dust blown in driving rain (((or spread as a spray in dry weather and locations with at least a likely enough chance of rain))), light show, musicscore and .. .roll!!!!)) help trivia thrive and drives burgeon- and 'blossomment' of diversity).

Islamists overvalue sperm, not over that just mentioned more inclusvie grey stuff as far as I know, at least not consciously (at mentioned link a little dust in compost and tasty produce plus robuster green could have given the needed pagan twist but hey, they hate the green west); their holy awe for it is hysterically high in fact and that's highly hysterical unless you can't see the joke in not only substituting but tabooing ( mercifully I guess, in lieu of outright condemning) hi torque muddy waterspouts . .. ..

so ... . .where does the popular (livejournal) interest 'jack+off+jill' come in here?

Random snobservations: dunno about you but this (418 folks and 466 users professing an interest in trees) cheers me up hugely. .. at least at first it did but when you find out it has only 2 item pages the joy sinks fast (got at least one good external link out of, excellent gallery: . 28 communities interested (no mention of rockdust or rockflour as an interest .. . is 'jabber' a messenger service or can one wordsearch with that spec?). Curiously enough, the one that has the most straightforward name, 'thecompostpile' is quite inactive and ugly if you, like me, have infinite preference for cellulose- over screenwhite; I LIKE THIS BETTER: beautifultoxin/ (undisciplined fleeting word fetish became the name apparantly cause the subtitle is horology, the art of clockmaking, the science of keeping times, the posts are about all sorts of stuff but above all: few .. .. ohwait, last post ((jan04)) says a move to was made 'with pleasure'; hope ((for her/him/them)) it's not just an(other) internet site) AND THIS: nude4peace/, the first one found at comeinpeace/, the latter via mydollhouse/ who sent in a pic of herself infront of a HUGE Sevillan parktree and calls her comments 'plastic toys' inviting prospectives to 'be my doll' - incredibly naive broad though, here's her take/flight on trees: "Planes are nobody's land, and that's why I love them". .. on further (and) after sink in surface settled reflection I guess I know what she means, I afte all hammer on the importance of noman's land as border buffer again and again .. . AND THIS TOO: /ginoushka/ definitely a night person (another dormant ((communal))page best read at night due to dark tone make up: aforestwhisper/), Gina de Vries, couldn't be dutcher, plenny of 'm near where I grew up to (excercizing honourable professions such as postman) who's at Amherst, the only college in America where I experienced how alcohol can turn a beautiful person into a schizo (guess which side of her I had a fumbling fleeting access to?). _nature/ perhaps telling and typical this one didn't take off either -