Friday, August 05, 2005

Redemption wellnigh planned; rocket at hand to soon be manned

... no .. . sorry, crackin core action correction; rock at hand to soon be plant

Roads are 2 way eventually (the e- bounceback from reject, etc.), more and more multi the longer and older they get. To curve/roll around back in on itself is a very natural way of learning to steady and stand even in the very teeth of time. Let Dan Winter shine his sorta fluffy sorta sterile light on that if you are sympathetic to modeled physics.

So causes, whether they rumble-ramble down real causeways or seem caught up in abstract momentae of progress are one way at most half the way/time but due to the great lapses and thorough reassemblages at and along sometimes literally out of sight elliptical ricochetage refitteries we don’t recognize ourselves in oncoming traffic.

Half the way as half of halfway sends our reckoning abilities into tailspin.
Half the time as halfway to halftime wrecks our accountability antics and that goes for most of whichever fault-, demarcation-, dream- and/or powerlines of flight vision we try follow and/or keep in mind. ---- Personally, I am still very fond of John Hamaker’s long wave views regarding climate and soil fertility cycles meshing very closely with the spread of prime ice age product numero uno: fine and fresh dust.

Taking patience to hand an rewarding it, picking some rocks to crush is the vastly more honourable way to deal with deathgrip type inertia these tough customers seem to so persistently embody.

Others project such earthly in your face opportunity to the on/off switches constituted by various planetary or even galactic constellations.

To illustrate, let me elaborate on an already very long post at highest-holiest-of-rainbow-chumpchamp

As we speak the old rookie at lastmentioned ‘might as well close my eyes if this is the firing squad’ type game, Jose Arguelles, is due in Switserland ( found at to teach any and all comers about tuning into the iron octahedron at the center of the earth and all them sorts of nifty newagey cageyness (bring 200 euri). an observ-, rumi- and occasionally fulmination series on .. . yet another cult of absolutist claimants? .. . .with kind and kinky fractions fetish triggered bonds and feuds? . .. . a new age network with low and preferably even no budget but nevertheless global aspirations?

Ladies and gentlemen, your special attention for the greatest latest kin con.
The credibility conjury by these con kin features the added twist and spice of claiming Muhammed for an equal (never mind the prophet himself tried to cut off all competition preemptively by telling everyone he was to be the last. I can believe that instead of coercing women they somehow felt as strongly about him as he thought highly of himself and so they just fell at his feet in series of bunches and generously shared him and only him while reserving their attention for only him to though due to the fragmentation of their great numbers they must have had plenny of time on their hands. Judging from your charisma mr arguelles, you don't make the grade and that's only a very minor fault of yours in my eyes. Over the last few years I have again and again examined your antics and decided to collect them in one place, for greater conveyance convenience, redundancy and challenge; the continuation of my interest depends entirely on you being courteous enough to take me at least as seriously as I do you and if possible find the time/peace to answer.

Lycos-europe opened its digital doors some years ago and the 2nd generation homepagebuilder tripod who’s mother they started out with halved its hospitality soon after which prompted to move half of my full 40Mb into a domain; however, last month this site proved a lo-choice environment for me rather abruptly ( though I didn’t try to tempt them into replying with promises to shell out nor reregister with another moniker, .. . perhaps I still will some day, once you know the backway onto the upload page nothing works quicker).

Redeem and/or re-esteem your self On (promises, memos, any and all notes, notions, missives , messianysticisms and reputations.
What’s your preference? Do you stubbornly stick to your guns and try make up a fall-off in scheduled, staked out, self-inflicted or hoped and worked for goals with a redoubling of effort .. . … .OR .. .. . .do you delegate it all to the greatest of redeemers you can find or those whose minions you can’t avoid getting beleaguered by (that would especially be those (all the more aggressive to the exact degree they are) convinced they have the only real one to help you help yourself to/with. They stand ready to convince you that all variety of individual resistance, no matter how choice and choosable is/are futile.

… .. OR .. .. do you take the origin-of-memory-aid and motivational plan drawing and see if it holds up in the light of present day practical imperatives?

You issue your money, you attempt to pay with a believable voucher that you must expect and are preparing to see returning in demand of whatever promise/value it holds; such money is successfully solicited credit and advertising at once; it also comes to relieve you of stuff taking up space in your store room, that is if such supplies indeed made it from the moment where you pledged/projected and placed value/staked your reputation on the daring announcement that all will be well long before expiration date on said superpersonal money.

In light of the above you will know what I mean when I say that making jesus out to be a redeemer for no less than all sinners and disempowered schlemiels bereft of notions, tools and time for implication of scenario as just described, is preposterous not to say diabolic and I am not at all sure Jesus would enjoy the position he presently enjoys in the consciousness of various folk, simply bycause, of course, it contradicts redemption being possible but only by owner and only of what he owns up to – REDEEM YOUR OWN – as in ‘clean up your act’.

Consciousness weaves in and out of promising acts and states of being promising; touting some ball and chain removing Christ around the world bleeding whities found stow-away messzionysticisms hi-hopes for crowned glory slipstreaming in their wake.

Talk about Class Clash and opportunistic(ally faked) opposition. Brace yourselves for the second sweep of clever semites, ready to flaunt and fling delusional grandesse of the universal and wrathful head/main/chief(and all the other equally fucked up beglorificatory betitled)god variety.

Anspruch erheben is schon lange nicht mehr ansprechbar sein – I am sorry to be dependably there for those who wish it were otherwise.

Augury augury, a storm warning: Zionism sizzles greenery to dust and lions don’t live in jungles, much less sleep in them; the zionlion, king of creatures with his played out and tired features will soon stop eliminating jungle and the terminally, determinedly termitelike semites and siblings taken by the hand (a long time before they have a change of heart (battle of infectiousness is not a pretty sight but if you can choose between walls and dykes, which will it be?).

On the other hand if Zionism doesn’t dissolve and its formerly green spawning grounds don’t revive we won’t arrive at the glorious point in time and place where we can rejoice over the end of delusional respite and impunity. Tripod, Lycos, Microsoft, AIPAC, Chrysler/Daimler Corp. the Treasury and all other rooms out of many in my father’s mansion must no longer grow at the expense of motha’s garden. Why not stop space exploration? Why not teach the reach of pleach?

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