Thursday, August 04, 2005

worth a gamble: lycos can't order tripod around

. .. and I bet on the latter showing a little more gratitude or when push comes to shove to show me a little more courtesy/honesty and all that could stuff they need to forget in order to make money too often already.. ..

on the 4th of august 2005 the files that came about (at vadercats) this year were relaunched due to host lycos-europe giving out on me; new growing (top)tip: - all files older than nov04.htm can be found using a similar url formula.

No longer awaiting better days I (poetpiet) decided to go ahead and lie to lycos (as punishment for not telling me why they discontinued hosting vadercats very abruptly) and switch from their european free space meddle/peddle back to mama tripod where perhaps I shall be allowed to allow running my messengeritis its full due course and continue my colourful pseudobloggage tote tout and teazery (even if it kills me) .. . off we go hoping to be here to stay, for the past few weeks (since google dropped the cache; don't know exactly when they did, I was up and around a mountain for 3 weeks) the youngest version in this soon enough 8 year old series at all available was already over a year old: vadercats/nov04.htm is the last file available by way of this roundabout route add any desired url after //*/

my first thoughts and findings after pondering and searching for the unearthly reasons why my vadercats site blocked (just when I was going to do some copious referring to the historically very real poet/statesman from the 15th century (golden age founding?) Jacob Cats): lycos is blocked in china, in fact a ridiculous number of the sites listed as blocked on this page are hosted by lycos tripod

.. . .. .heh heh. .. .I just realize I am acting upon the assumption that lycos-europe will at best get the cast-offs from tripod (if they get anything at all anymore rather than orders to give in and keep the name prominent or some such thing) but are more likely dissociated from and certainly not beholden to them; registering for a thing shows otherwise but I'll take the gamble.serious anti-semitism (the hostility to arabs variety) doesn't seem to appear to be a problem: the site seems to have stopped receiving additions in februari, not long after adding this: Miracles of Nineteen by CroMagnon (pbuh):

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