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my words in green:
first 'code encrusted' post there in a long long time:
http://newswire.indymedia.org/en/2005/11/827183.shtml it was 90K worth including code (for colour) but all of it except table colours got stripped and/or ignored)

http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/11/328036.shtml this one came out looking as it does on my logbriefer .. .the only comment I get for my trouble: compost warning 05.Nov.2005 05:20 -- check it out This article is almost entirely incomprehensible.

Fab-websites supply software for custom designing makezine.com....

jamaat.net - Islam and Christianity Forum Exchange :: View topic ...
It's not my Bible, per se , Ahmad. Try and get that straight; I've told you my
religion before, but you don't seem to either know enough about it or don't ...
- jamaat.net forum thread 149k -

leo strauss commune movement site shows 2 smiling people . .. but oh gods and goddesses, how delusionistically crosspurposeful ... and now for some (even) more serious perusing: after more than a few years absence killer colourpickerpiet returns to the indy(main)wire (and finds publishing delayed .. .perhaps by spamweeders busy hoeing another row so to be sure I'll try again here):

http://www.indymedia.org/nl/2005/11/827136.shtml www.benettontalk.com -THE DEBATE ABOUT LAND AND NATIVE PEOPLES
Benetton Group - Press Office, 03.11.2005 15:00
In occasion of the donation by the Benetton group of a significant area of land in Patagonia in favour of the local indigenous populations, an exciting online publishing experiment in seven languages. Open to reflection, ideas and co-operation, linked to the world and to “others”.

http://www.indymedia.org/nl/2005/11/827119.shtml A Thousand Students Walk Out In Seattle To Protest Iraq War Nov 2
Mark Taylor-Canfield, 03.11.2005 09:11
Students In Seattle Continue Anti-Military Recruitment Campaign

The greatest intellectual?
Chomsky Regrets Earlier Position on Srebrenica
Emma Brockes, The Guardian, 02.11.2005 20:46
Center for Islamic Pluralism
Washington, DC -- www.islamicpluralism.org
Bismillah ir-rahman ir-rahim, Bajram mubarek!
We welcome the blessed month of Ramadan as a time of celebration of the delivery of our Qur’an al-qerim. As Muslims, we avoid the expression of negative or harsh thoughts and improper language at this time.

Nevertheless, we must also take moral lessons during Ramadan. One such is offered by the repellent comments of Noam Chomsky, who has been championed by the Wahhabi lobby, recusant leftists, and neofascists. It is tragic to see a child of the Bani Israil, the people of Prophet Musa aleyhisalaam, express such brutal and terrible propagandistic lies, depending for his source on the corrupt Canadian general, Lewis McKenzie. We wish that Chomsky and his Muslim admirers, which unfortunately includes many misled Bosniaks, should be judged by the mothers of the victims of Srebrenica.

May Allah swt reward him appropriately.

Qur’an 4:121: “For them, their abode will be hellfire, and from it they will find no escape.”

http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/10/327553.shtml nov 2nd protest

http://peoples.coop/ ain't that the best domain???? check the creative facade too.

http://mailman.lbo-talk.org/pipermail/lbo-talk/Week-of-Mon-20051031/023834.html bitchin post

http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/11/327899.shtml Mythology of the White-Led "Vanguard" --- author: Greg Jackson ---- The Revolutionary Communist Party is a "vanguardist" looooong article written by a black giy citing Churchill


Vermont Independence Convention: Confronting the Empire
Maslauskas, 04.11.2005 14:49

On October 28 a statewide convention on state secession and running on the theme “Vermont Independence: An Impossible Dream or a Vision of the Future?” was held in the State House in Montpelier, VT. The last time a convention similar to this was held took place in North Carolina in 1861 when the state decided to secede from the US.

http://direland.typepad.com/direland/2005/11/why_is_france_b.html November 06, 2005
WHY IS FRANCE BURNING? The rebellion of a lost generation

November 06, 2005
Anti-globalization = Pro-poverty
northanger cites http://www.rhizomes.net/issue1/rhizopods/newness1.html and tachi says: "the immense unthinkable Difference of an impossible future" ... this looks like a sad attempt by lit-crit theorists to claim some purchase on the direction 'critique' is being forced to go: away from the post-modernist obsession with discourse and textuality and into the materialist fray. Though all this highly abstract stuff - difference, sameness, newness etc - coupled with the problem domain - unthinkability - belies their complete lack of connection with current issues and the most appropriate ways to deal with them.
tachi 11.07.05 - 5:20 am #

it's a ticklish kinda subject whenever dealing with the aggregate capabilities of questionable ethics deadending into acute or obtuse angles. desiring machines making compost. i agree. these are just annoying pricks; lovers of the primordial soup of the abstact.
northanger 11.07.05 - 9:24 am #

talk about composting desiring machines; I got one MB with 211.000K on it that I heard rumoured (a while ago) is worth the price and pleasure of (drivin to, sellin in, then flying from africa; the estimated banal expense of) a rond trip down there; all the circumambulatory new/otherness you can drive; get some capitalist pig to get you a wi-fi by sattelite line sub for the duration of the journey and you'll not be bored on your way to some chances of making homecoming queen; I could advertize for some travel companions if you like.

here they go again, pretending we are a simulation and should seduce the overseeer to continue -- I go: computation fetish is what started all holy bookkeeping and we all know they are pernicious as all hell.

http://www.frappr.com/lbotalk/photo/396082 have to adjust my mental picture of him; I either misidentified somebody else as him a while ago or he is now wearing his hear a lot shorter


piet Says:
November 4th, 2005 at 12:17 pm
here’s a present for the list (especially CG): leo strauss commune movement

here's a present for the list (especially CG): leo strauss commune movement shows 2 smiling people . .. but oh gods and goddesses, how delusionistically crosspurposeful unless somebody beats you to it

apropo lists, you always make it sound like you are on a ton of them but do'n't list them in your Bit chlinks; what's up with that? Just trying to hold off suitors and time claimers who are only luke warm and don't 'rilly rilly .. .'?

Bitch Says:
November 5th, 2005 at 5:23 pm
I’m on a ton of them, yes. They are mostly related to professional stuff: Adobe Indesign, Web development, Web design, Adobe Acrobat, Macromedia. There are also associated technology and information security lists such as ISN, Security Awareness, and assorted announcement lists. There’s DC-stuff which I’m on but don’t read. I get about 1500 email a day, most of which I don’t read and is filtered via The Bitch’s Masterful Email Management System into separate mailboxes for archiving. When I need to know something, I do a search and—voila!—even if I don’t have access to the Internet, I can usually find an answer. Isn’t perfect, but.

There’s a list called Politics but it is composed of a small group of people, 20, who’ve been at it with the same boring group of people (or thereabouts) for 25 years or so. It used to be quite the list and even media people monitored it to get a flavor of what animated people. Those days are gone, alas. Some decent people but, mostly, it’s boring because it’s a lot of bickering and insider jokes, obsessing about things that happened, literally, 5 years ago.

http://www.progressive-asset.com/ socially responsible mutual fund

this one went into admission accomplished (addmac.blogspot): http://themessthatgreenspanmade.blogspot.com/2005/11/hummer-overfloweth.html Tim Iacono souther Californian critiques easy money; this item shows rows and rows and acres of unsold hummers with lots of comments

found at that wonderful site by The Bitch

it offers a perfect antidote to that entirely other obsessing about cars on the other side of one of the real mothers amongst fences across the free world.

http://hyperstition.abstractdynamics.org/archives/006774.html a number of links to items concerning the Jihadi flavours of social unrest in French 'breedboxburbs' (fokhokken would be a dutch translation which brings out the connotational odds ((of misfortune, exposure, towerdives and truth)) stacked against those vain enough to believe they can distract from or weaken the impact of the 3Ks in that word best).

On my dutch blog (intellectjuweel) I suggested an emergency rule that would save any more cars from going up in flames. Make the inhabitants they share burbresidence with, no longer feel locked out of them. Revive the totally lefty/green solution to transport congestion and low efficiency: hitch hiking. If only manners were that pliable and conversion prone; if only respect and dignity were a little car-ride away.

Much better but not very instant as solutions come and go either is to grant 'ban-lieu sufferers' (spoiled as they are compared to immigrants of last century) a small garden as a birthright and within view. In mine that would be the least a 'fokhok' inhabitant needs, merits, and must have to keep himself sound and sane if not proud.

You can of course in the interest of keeping wages low have a minority of labour armies in reserve, that is to say mobilized (deprived of the autonomics that would lower their interest in wages in the first place), which keeps their frustrations simmering, in order to lower the wages the rest is able to negotiate. Unionizing workers and 'chomeurs' and other across the board rules likes flat tax are gaining ground once again but I expect it won't be enough before a lot of devastation sets us back (down closer to ground zero altogether) a few notches.

one ticket admits one to the derelict villages of southern france -- speedy AUTO nomy paraphernominicheans delivered upon arrivallavirra ad in fin itum -- -- pointer to above at mentioned hyperstition item

http://www.emirecords.co.uk/players/kb/player1/ one of the few pages that gets around my personal colour imposition via Netscape browser tools -- Kate Bush has a new album out that Jorn Barger links to again and again; this page has clips of the lispy lady who's hit 'Man with the child in his eyes' accompanied one of my crazier infatuations and semi-relationships ever (working class girl, implants, popping eyes, expensive hairdo and very doll-like who let me into the bed she occupied in her parents home still at the time; my dad aborted my intentions of taking her to India. Saw her once later, a mother by then.

Norman Solomon arrested for 'War is not organic' sign

http://newswire.indymedia.org/en/2005/11/827451.shtml on the BBC and the ME palestinecampaing.org

newspage 251 will have lots of items about the use of chemicals weapons by the US in fallujah, the next one has the item I posted, a first after a long lull.

NORTHERN ABORIGINALS (I live 20K from arnhem, Holland)
http://onemiledam.org/ another gem via the newswire, their logo is so completely meaningful it's awesome .. . links to many sites I am unfamiliar with (sorta left this field relatively unscrutinized since the late nineties) except for the last one but HH has died.

I should lob these over to The Bitch for her to nibble on:

http://www.bloorstreet.com/300block/aborintl.htm Aboriginal Links International
http://bill-day-bunji.tripod.com/pages/Articles.htm a podner anthropologist Bill Day, trying to help out a people 90% of whom live locked up lives

Content of Bill's Thesis: http://www.country-liberal-party.com/pages/Bill_Day_Thesis.c.htm
http://www.country-liberal-party.com/images/Bill zipped wordpad version

bill.day.20m.com - fought racism and publicized the plight of the East Timorese, in the Territory during the 1970's. Bill organized the A3 rally in Darwin 2001. -- this one could still live in the archive.org but I haven't tried

3. http://www.aestheticrealism.net/ racism.html It is in contempt that the root of racism lies. Articles from 1997 to today about the power of the Aesthetic Realism explanation of this terrible injustice.

http://qc.indymedia.org/ it's a beaut (has the theme buttons but not at the top) and all in english (from the phillipines)

http://www.yolnguboy.com/directory/htm/index.html a movie

http://www.meandyoumovie.com/ about identity and long distance/blind relating

http://www.localcurrencies.blogspot.com/ Deirdre Kent (your restful reading is our passion and so we recommend you use your high bleakyblankblink intensity protection browser)

peacenow at theofficenet.com so. .. you think/imply the left is (by implied contrast) not in any way creepily bigoted?????

You should read on of those creeps like Peter Myers a little closer if you even have at all. I don't like any flavour of supremacism myself and so .. .
in solidarity, Piet

http://fnulnu.org/swaneagle/?p=28 New LBO member (expect Doug to not tolerate her very long if she will even post much at all)

666 reads -- longest thread (27 posts) in a bunch of them on a course Thomas Greco held last june at the ccSyndicator site (ccit.wji.com is a moronically unrelated moniker don't you think? Les Squires is a hyperactive Coloradan into skypes but the cc site is dying) - it is called: How do banks clear checks among themselves?
Tom has given us this starter question. It's critical to our understandings of the monetary system, and has big implications for monetary reform.

How shall we define the question?
What is "check clearing" in the first place?
What sources from our bibliography do we need to cite?
What powerpoints, books, and articles?
What quotations from Greco or Riegel?

http://www.village-planetaire.org/ sister site to the Syndicator

the rest via www.arborsmith.com

As part of my work with nature I graft, or Pleach as the technique is called, trees together. I influence the growth to form geometric and architectural shapes. I sometimes introduce glass metal or stone into the trees as well. These structures can be many trees grafted together; a current project involves eleven trees grafted each to the next up a hillside like a long banister. Or, the structure can be one tree with its branches grafted back to itself. My attitude towards this work with trees has changed over time from goal orientation and a view towards the end Product, to an appreciation of the tree and my mutual accommodation and the process of our interaction. In this context, I see work with trees over a long period of time, to be a venue for sustained public exchange.

High style hedges: Pleaching, a European gardening technique, takes root in Ann Arbor
December 17, 2000
Margaret Parker, an artist and gardener, loves the sense of enclosure she felt from pleached hedges in England, Italy and France. (Detroit Free Press)



http://www.japantimes.co.jp/shukan-st/st-essay.htm little essays (with links to help japanese people to learn english) by the son of the world's most famous pleacher (some titles are illustrated)

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