Tuesday, November 08, 2005

french stench has wafted across holland

on sunday that is (caused by riot scale arson and pyromania perped by the burnt souls and harbingers of Desert); I haven't read or searched for reports but my nose told me and it made me feel very oppressed even though I was in a village with merely 7 immigrants at the time.

Buitenhof (online in dutch) offered some comforting truth on sunday; Holland has a bureaucracy like France but it is not as dominated by older men as francophonia is and dialogue flows better here. Hope that's true enough to spare us.

http://r2000.servaux.org:8000/streamfpp.mp3.m3u paris indymedia

radio stream (unreliable service from Holland during the afternoon and doing irrelevant stuff like playing music)

minority of the minority report the exceptions (to justified

arrest) of the exceptional and militant margin of those who,

bycause of their sheer numbers and urge to be in the rich west have

trouble sharing what's been allocated to them and like all truly

virulent viruses can't even attain the status of a respectable

parasite that keeps their host on their toes. Well, I want them to

wreak their havoc, kill off all those of US whom THEY call

'fearful', cull and get them out of the way, then militance from

OUR side will not only be quietly condoned and frustratedly wished

for but supported and carried by the population, when that day

arrives we will remember how we wronged the serbs for not helping

chase Kosovans all the way across the Bosporus as an ouverture and

stimulus to speedy repatriation of most arabs in europe and jews in

the middle east. It's never too late to start from scratch, Iraqis

don't even give up with formidable enemies in their necks and as

far as the Paris atrocities (especially in the light of

environmental damage) are an expression of solidarity I heartily

support it though the execution is moronic and misguided but real

change is always brutal if folks like me are not joined forces with

but ignored and laughed at, shaken heads over and all too quietly

envied at best.

I haven't read any of the following links:

this is the Jahjah fanclub's latest regarding this affair:


Enough is enough: When social unjustice culminates
(Thursday 03 November 2005 9:23:05 am)

FRANCE has plunged into a bitter debate over the failure to

integrate its large immigrants communities after five nights of

rioting in a Paris suburb populated by Arab immigrants.

A few links in 3 languages
http://ovl.indymedia.org/news/2005/11/7534.php here's the 2 in


Indymedia Ierland:
The Suburbs Are Ticking... Why The Nihilism Of The Paris Riots Is
Not A Political "Insurrection"

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