Tuesday, November 29, 2005

crowd mary

this comments board is getting mighty crowded says Mary (alias thecutter) as 125th commenter to Gilad Atzmon - Peace is not 'shalom' and 'Shalom' is not Sharon

crowded? Mary vs IT (Av) is very weak tea compared to Nessie vs Gehrig . .. (not that I don't prefer herbal infusions to ferment, I do, to the exclusion of even, and am proud to be that kind of picky, must be my drop of sem! itic blood; blessed be, life is an education/obstacle course in choosiness ((at least every now and then, even for the non-specialist second splitter, heart breaker, paper pusher, digit dowser and scroll mole)), the Adamic privilege distribution; man relating to diversity first and foremost, then to fellow man ((yup folks, you read rite; the original and long forgotten, though as I ty! pe reviving (((and if my key punches percolate properly .. . .who knows))), genesis message, once again up for renewal and calibration .. .and not in the sense of links subsumed under this heading: ‘sacred/secret, starlike and scarey symbol shuffle’ at my blogspots but more like Genesis Continuous, look that work by a New Zealander named Hardy up yourselves)) which is way less paroc hial but shows we do best staying steady as we go and right where we are. Not the best council in a world that is dominated by halfbreeds and short temper but in the long run surely good enough once again) .. . .you ought to thank your karma ( 'coremore') for not running into the comment crews on various indymedia flavors and tintackles shackles . . .. (like sf ((slowed the hell down compared to then; this is nessies baby getting more and more overprotected as he’s gotten poorer I guess)), indybay ((took over, scolding daddy for not forking over stuff and retiring)) vancouver ((archives are still online, dig and you’ll see hordes more IT actalikes who ran up their hosts/hostilitytargets/opponents’ bills big time)), victoria, several Middle eastern ones ((buckled and caved from chronic spammerage, hacking, etcetera)), melbourne, indybay . . and pittsburgh lately for instance) .. .. . . several years ago; veritable torrents of ‘emotides’ swept on as much as the truly oppressed wept on; info on anything from the democratization of tyrranicide .. . (suggested with such ((soft))force(( of surveillance))ful ((encryption)) logic ((the meany’s negation of solar distribution)) that the perp ((who called it 'assasination politics’)) had his compi confiscated etcetera) .. .to the price of pretty innocence, all lavishly spiced and periodically sprinkled with those huge slabs of text I mentioned (which haloscan wisely prohibits). Nothing here that hasn't been there thousands of times already and with much deeper shadow dancing. Speaking of which, where does Shamir live! really and whatever happened to Naemi Giladi?

You could thank your 'coremore' on your bare little knees a lot more even if you care to, for not having
(had?) ambitions such as mine: to commit curiously colourful counsel to the burial grounds called the kinternet and see if such scribbediscratchiosa wants to act like a seed in the minds of those bizzdizzily buzzy with plottage to go to one capital bash after another capital smash .. .. eh .. the just now so called cross globalists* following the slash and burn trail (just ahead of islam recruiting among those abandoned by all; people that can’t even bargain with their time anymore and are down to bare bone and organs**) and help them lower the priority of (symbolic) cash effectively (they’re clueless regarding best sorts of cash being simple ash, the type that comes about only when successful palchemical mergers or ire and desire turn rock to bread if when time taken which is what money is a given for) despite their willingness to stand in the way of wrongly applied force, and same to help redirect it (all males out of control in the sense of away from command, what say you?) and try help them stand under the ageless sheltering truth.

* I just made a little Quad( )rant zingzang diagram showing aggression and passivity our primal daddy and mommy sociologically speaking with rich and poor exetions of either.

** I just don’t know how folk like IT can deny and invert the clues in/from casualty figures; instead, the likes of him insist on being treated cheaply (not in any return ((no turn made to re there folks, move along, nothing to see here and keep your distance, that of and from other notsees, wait, we’ll herdihelp you since you can notsee the difference nor make it yourselves)) since they never started nuttin’) and dwell on that as root of all evil, prime mover and (some truth in that but it’s their own fathers and mothers responsible for their neediness) magic since removable lever (hell THEIR leverage went around the world so why can’t their o! ld neighbours move over just a little, the sublet is over here and starts there so either way you have no choice besides choosing the choice obsolescing chosen) to the exclusion of soul- and selfsearch regarding the disproportionately dealt ‘response’.

I go:
permaculture.org.au/ watch the movie; it starts out 2 miles from where jesus was baptized (and has a way of going about holding water that holds water.

yes, it was a very good film (You can solve the world's problems with a garden, though was a bit optimistic). My only complaint is that the map used was TOTALLY wrong. It lables Israel and the OPTs as ISRAEL. I hope they change that.

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