Monday, April 24, 2006

no thing standardizes like a stupidity

Quoting Jose Arguelles (who thinks he is a reincarnated Maya king) from his latest book (Chronicles):
“Without the lubrication of the knowledge of the suffering of all beings there could not be the universal solvent that makes the whole order of Cosmic History. The whole order is dependent on there being a lake of dissolution of all beings through suffering and creating a universal solvent with the template of cosmic history.”
“The 5th dimension no longer has reincarnation (biogenic migration).”
Then he comes up with the ‘finite amount of biomass’ bullshit again:
Rebirth of spirit essence ‘co-occurs with death, raccoon dies here, another born there.
No mention of transmigration until the next alinea, just an abrupt closing remark on extinction.
“Dissolution of the cloud covering of the materialist belief system is the purpose of Cosmic History – only then can the clear mental field of the human shine through as the planetary mental field.”
And this is the inhouse strategist/shaman leader/divine messenger of the rainbow family (to whom he appeals and amongst which he moves)? He wants to use clouds in a metaphor only to ‘transform, transmute and dissolve’ them with his noospheric armament? That has to be the most offensive distraction from permaculture principles (sun and rain as equals and equally necessary) I can imagine, given that the implementation of them is his repeatedly stated goal (when he is not too busy with his mind over matter sleighs of hand that is). In a work about the Quran, no longer online, he says every presentation has to include the gist of it but he has backed down from that promise to himself pretty obviously too. Speaking of which, here’s his definition of terror = “most alien subconstruct of materialist domination, an idealized rejection embracing practice.”---------------------------------------------------------------
I have hundreds of K worth of similar argumentation (not online at the mo) similar to the following:The more highfaluting the consequence determinations and divinatory ausgekluegeltheit of yea or nay done decisions ‘grow’, the more such lead ups/ins can set up as permanent let downs and distractions. Why feed monsters? Why not start (the soildeepening soary up((grade))story) the rightway round?
Pause and take a moment to direct your attention to the bottom of the mobility/organization spectrum, rather than carry on displacing these with one tall order of farflung and dizzying faultline frequency and fractality fetishization of lots and lots of little fundamental factor formulas and cerebral acrobatics after another.
A decision to do dust spells rock unravelment and into-life-giving (via compost heap and all as yet ((hurry, offer lasts only while supplies last)) photosynthesis active locales) begun as humble as that (most primary of priming acts) has best chances to reach great heights while retaining some consistency, remaining in touch and maintaining good relations with their more and more unsuprisingly most effective causation as the ladders of life lenghten, dance, twist, spin, mix, mingle, and whirl along growth’s manifacetted pathways and flowforms.
To reiterate: largest most lasting common and common denominator and only with good conscience actionable cause (celebre) is tickling rock out of its 3rd dimension to ad-/emit into 4th. Help it from being stuck up, in reserve version of time to become less ponderously shut off from and aloof about it. Turn the tables and devalue the whole devilishly suffocating symbolic system complex.

William Irwin Thomson post over at Here's a teaser to help you over there:

Throughout this study of literature and the evolution of consciousness, I have used the metaphor of the catastrophe of bifurcation and said that humanity is experiencing a catastrophe bifurcation in the emergence of the new global civilization. “Catastrophe” is a word that English has taken from Greek; it means, “to turn over.” When we turn over material in a compost heap, we create a catastrophe for the anaerobic bacteria in the rotting garbage as we suddenly flood them with oxygen and sunlight. The chaos dynamists say that there are three kinds of catastrophes: subtle, explosive, and “out of the blue.” The mathematicians’ use of these poetic metaphors makes me feel as if it is quite all right for me to return the favor and use their idea of a catastrophe bifurcation as a poetic metaphor for a cultural transformation of history. Since I have been arguing all along that literature and mathematics have been inseparably linked throughout history in the arithmetic, geometric, dynamical, and now chaos dynamic mentalities, this collaboration between metaphor and math is quite appropriate. Since I am a cultural historian and not a prophet, I have no idea whether this catastrophe will be subtle, explosive or out of the blue. I tend to think that our process of global cultural transformation is so complex a dynamic that it will be all three at once. The economic shift is subtle, the cultural shift is explosive, and the spiritual one is out of the blue.
"The main enemy of Zionism is truth."

Ehh, I know what you mean . .but eh .. .truth is nobody's zionist you enemy! Not even your animus can make zionism make truth into an enemy and luckily nothing can.

Tell you what, X, Rowan and all the others who insist there is this o so great difference between strains of semitisand suckers. It is easy being Islam's greatest friend if you don't live anywhere close to a large enough concentration of their spawn (spoiled rotten. I am not talking about the severely oppressed or the supposed solidarity of the former with the latter either). I order you to take your next holiday in the ban-lieu or where Muhammed Bouyeri grew up maybe .. .but your letterfiltered life imperative/handicap won't let you I am sure.

Don't you try to describe how the holier than thou any gender, class or race sporting speciment deems/thinks 'it'self, the worse they act and the more stupendously bad they will and declare a desire to perform? And that zionism sprouts, trains and brings the strongest team to the pokertable everytime?

Aren't human vices magnets for satire, cartoons etcetera?

The hypocrisy lies in cartoons thrown after bombs, not in the fact the cartoons aren't truthful, specially if they make exactly that clear on 1 go instead of having some focus to the exclusion of, but was/is that the complaint. No!!!! The prophet and his taskmaster are to be feared not to be made fun of.


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